lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010


Me gusta el color rosa... me gusta porque es súper femenino.
Elegí fotos donde este color sea protagonista. Espero que les gusten..!

Si quieren ver más pueden hacerlo en

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maria celeste dijo...

because "...Pink it's the color of passion... yeahhh!" (Steven Tayler)

Me encanta pinkylife.

all things about me. dijo...

me alegra que te guste..! estuve hasta "altas" (muy altas) horas... jaa

"...and I think everything is going to be all right no matter what we do..."

{Steven Tayler~Pink}

maria clara dijo...

hola natalia , que lindo es todo por aca , felicitaciones !!! cariños para vos ...

all things about me. dijo...

Hola María!! Gracias por tu comnentario! Te espero nuevamente!!!

n a t s u m i dijo...

Woow, these photos are beautiful!! Pink is one of my favorite colors!

ps. thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I am glad that I discoverd your blog! very lovely!

all things about me. dijo...

Natsumi! Thank you very much for your comment and for visiting my blog :) You have a very special view of things, and the fact that you had liked my blog, makes me feel very proud..
I hope that you'll leave much more comments!
I'm a fan of you!

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