martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

love pics..

inspirational timess

con Amoor,
Nati c.

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maarnietvangrijs dijo...

Wow, I love your pictures!!!!

HeppieHermpie dijo...

Hey Natali, thanks for your comment on my blog!! I love it to hear from people another country!! And I think.. about the book from Selina Lake, I write on my blog that the woman from the blog "Urban Stems" has win her book.. Did you understand or read that it was you I write? you did not understand as well, I think. I am so sorry for the mis-communication!
And what you write about English.. my Englisch writings are also not so good.. my Hollands is much better!! :)) But I understand what you wrote to me.. I think!! With ♥ ♥ Herma

all things about me. dijo...

Ohhh!! Thank you very muuuch for your Award and for your nice words!!! It is very kind of you :)!!!
I really appreciate that you have chosen me to give that gift!!!! Thank youu Herma! :) a big hug to u from this part of the world..!

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