jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Ohh land ♥

molinos de viento de Zaanse Schans

Este es mi homenaje a este hermoso país y a Herma
This is my homage to Herma, and the wonderful country where she lives: Holland.

Natalia c.

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HeppieHermpie dijo...

Aaaah, what nice!! You used my name!! (smile) Nice picture. And, did you understand my last mail.. that it was not you about the winning-book.. With love, Herma

HeppieHermpie dijo...

Now, I see your comment on my blog! Haha!! So cool that you have been here in Holland!! ♥

all things about me. dijo...

Yess, I understood at least!!! It took me several minutes, but finally I did it jaja..
I try to do my best with the language, i swear!!

hugs and kisess :)

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